Brittany Brannon (voiceover): On Wednesday… Our finalists attacked the dancefloor in one of the most intense Finals EVER! After all three rounds, both our 29-scorer, and our viewer favorite landed in last while P!nk scored a perfect 90 for the night! 

Jennifer Aniston (voiceover): Tonight, IT ALL COMES TO AN END! The winners of Season 6 are announced! After 3 months of dedication, hard work, and tons of drama, who will emerge as the champions? Find out! Live! This is the Finale of Dancing with the Stars!


P!nk: WHAT THE HELL IS WITH ALL THE THIRTIES?!?!? Hahaha! I'm starting to feel as if they're a little undeserved! Thank you all so much! 
Matthew: Yikes! We were hoping for a little bit higher scores for our Freestyle, but we know you guys will make the right decision on Sunday!
Katherine: Woohoo! LOVED THIS WEEK! I REALLY wanna win Sunday! We just have too! Haha! Do it, you guys!

The Eliminees Predict The Winner

Jennifer: And now, we're gonna pass the mic around to a few of our more entertaining eliminees and see who they want the winner to be. We'll start with Joan Rivers. Joan?
Joan: I tell you, it was so friggin rigged when I was sent home! I was supposed to win! Hahahahahahahahaha! No, really, Team MaKatherine all the way! That girl's a darling!
Jordin: I'm rooting for Matthew! ALL of his dances has been SO hot, I've been taking SO MANY cold showers after watching him! Haha! Whew!
Justin: I'm not saying this because she was my partner when I went home, but I'm really hoping P!nk can take it home! She's seriously been such a great dancer!
Kelly: I'm rooting for P!nk as well! She's been such an inspiration ALL SEASON LONG!
Jodie: I'm going to root for Katherine seeing as she's been the underdog all season! Those 29's are just minor dents in their journey to the trophy!
Bill: I'm rooting for Katherine to win! If I had to go home for her, she better do me proud! Haha!

Post-Elimination Interviews (Third Place)

Jennifer: Aww, Katherine, Maks, come and join us down here!
Brittany: Guys, we're so sorry you won't be heading to the final two. What has this experience been like for you?
Katherine: It's just been an honor to say that I am the person who was able to get Maksim Chmerkovskiy to his third Finale in a row! I knew I was gonna suck once I got here, but I'm just glad I even got the chance to be here! We've just been the best of friends all season long and I never want that to end!
Jennifer: Maks, what would you like to say to Katherine?
Maksim: Well, Katherine may have done the worst out of my past three partners, but she certainly, certainly, is one of the greatest ladies I've ever gotten to train. I'm so proud of her for getting to the finals. It wasn't about getting ME to the finals, it was about getting HER here. She rocked and I couldn't ask for a better partner!
Brittany: Thanks you guys so much! We're going to miss having you next season! And audience, please stayed tuned as the winners are about to be announced!

Post-Results Interviews (Winners + Runners-Up)

Jennifer: WOW! Congratulations to Matthew and Joy, THE CHAMPIONS of Season 6!
Brittany: Matthew, what's on your mind?
Matthew: WHAT'S ON MY MIND?!?! I just won the DWTSGame! I'm going to Disneyland! Hahaha! I can't believe it. I owe it to my fans, you guys are seriously the greatest! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
Brittany: Matthew, I'm so happy for you! Joy, anything you want to say?
Joy: I'm crying right now, I'm so happy! MY FIRST SEASON ON HERE AND I WIN! I couldn't have asked for a better partner if I were married to the casting director! Haha! Matthew has been the greatest friend I've ever made. I can't begin to explain how proud I am!
Brittany: I'll send it over to Jen and P!nk and Louis while you guys take things in! Haha! Jen?

Jennifer: Thanks Brittany! P!nk, sorry you didn't win. What would you like to say to Louis?
P!nk: First off, I want to make it clear. THE RIGHT PERSON WON! Congrats Matt! And yes, I want to tell Louis how much of a major impact he's made on my life! I came into this show as a punky diva who didn't know the first thing about dancing, and to end it with 6 perfect scores in a row just shows how amazing of a teacher he is! Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, Louis! I love you!
Jennifer: And Louis? What do you want to say to P!nk?
Louis: Going into this season,  I KNEW that P!nk would be one of the coolest partners ever! I was so right! She's been amazing. She's been so nice, so funny, so entertaining to be around, on top of being a great student and an all-around marvelous woman! Like Joy, I couldn't have asked for a better partner! P!nk has been phenomenal!
Jennifer: I'm so glad we accomodated the professionals this season! Haha! Congratulations on such a great finish you guys! Back to Brittany!

Brittany: Alright! Here's our magnificent mirrorball trophy. It is always awarded to the best of the best dancers of a certain pack of celebrities. After 11 weeks and hundreds of judged points later, you've all determined that winner to be Matthew and Joy! So, here they are to hoist their trophy! And please remember to tune in to Season 7 in 10 days when KENDALL will return from tour! Until then, Jennifer, it's been great to have you this season a cohost. Thank you so much for putting in 1000%!
Jennifer: You're so welcome, hon! I'm Jennifer Aniston saying goodnight!
Brittany: I'm Brittany Brannon! Thanks for watching Season 6!

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