Brittany Brannon (voiceover): On Wednesday… Our semi-finalists battled it out in two spectacular rounds to try and earn their spots in next week's finale! This saw everyone bring their A-Game, including a high scoring Tango from Bill, a perfect 30 for Matthew's Argentine Tango, and a perfect 60 for P!nk this week! 

Jennifer Aniston (voiceover): Tonight, the finalists of the season! After such a competitive semi-final week, will we be in for the most unexpected elimination of the season? Live! This is Dancing with the Stars!


P!nk: Oh wow! This has seriously been another unbelievable week! I hope everyone is on our side! 
Matthew: I loved that dance! I really want to be in the finals! C'mon guys, vote! Haha!
Bill: What a great week! I never would've expected to get a NINE from Valerie! Haha!
Katherine: Yikes! You guys, we really wanna make the finals! Please help us make it there! Thanks so much! Muah!

Skybox Interviews

Jennifer: So, this week, we're here with the first couple to know that they're going to be in the finals! P!nk, any hints as to what your Freestyle will feature?
P!nk: Hmm... I never thought I'd make the finals, so that's something I never thought about! I know that I want to incorporate my journey with Louis into that one dance! I hope whatever we come up with pleases the judges!
Jennifer: I just know it will! Louis, this is the first time in a very long time in which you've ever made the finals. Tell me, are you super excited to be one of the three best couples of the season?
Louis: It's such a great feeling to be in the finals! The last time I was in the finals was almost three years ago with Delilah. I've forgotten what it feels like to be there! I just know P!nk has what it takes to win!
Jennifer: I think she does too, Louis! Thanks, you guys!

Post-Elimination Interviews

Jennifer: Aww, Bill and Anna, come and join us down here!
Brittany: President Clinton, what has this experience been like for you?
Bill: It's been so much fun. Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would've been a better dancer than my daughter... and I wasn't! Haha! I'm so pleased to learn I have so many faithful supporters! I'm sorry I couldn't make the finals for you guys, but you've been awesome!
Jennifer: Anna, what would you like to say to Bill?
Anna: I just wanna say thank you, Bill! I never would've thought that you would end up being my best partner ever! Haha. You did amazing and I've never been prouder of one of my students! Thanks for an amazing season!
Brittany: We're gonna be so sad without you guys in the finals! Audience, join us next week when our stars face off three times in THE FINALS, and then join us on Sunday next week when the WINNERS of Season 6 will be announced in our two hour finale event! See you then!
Jennifer: Good night and thanks for watching!

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