Brittany Brannon (voiceover): On Wednesday… our 18 contestants returned to the dancefloor to give us a real show! We saw everything, from improvements, to falling scores, to leaderboard toppers, to duds,  Week 2 had everything! 

Jennifer Aniston (voiceover): Tonight, our stars find out where they stand with our audience after we tally up two weeks worth of votes. Are we in for some surprises? Time to find out! Live! This is Dancing with the Stars!


Deion: I'm proud of this week! We made a big improvement! I hope we get to stick around!
Linda: Whew! That was seriously a lot harder than it looked.
Jodie: Oh my god, I'm out of breath!
Christina: Can I go to bed now? Geez!
P!nk: C'mon Val! Get on the P!nk side of life! Haha!
Morgan: Oh boy... Hahaha. Whew! I moved my hips. I moved my hips!
Elizabeth: That was amazing! I'm doing that dance if I make it to the finale!
Matthew: I'm so glad everyone liked our Jive! It was a labor of love from both of us. I'm so proud!
Kelly: Man. Harsh comments from Natalie. Hope she warms up to us!
Patrick: Well, we had a slight fall down the leaderboard, but nothing that can't be fixed with duct tape!
Jeff: I'm shocked. I thought we were gonna get worse scores than Joan Rivers!
Conan: Lauren, I apologize for screwing things up. Hope your foot's ok.
Jordin: Glad I got to do that shout-out to Adam Lambert! Haha. That was so much fun, I feel like an honorary Punk!
Joan: I'm gonna be pissed if we DO make it through! Haha.
Bill: Well, those weren't the scores we wanted... but they'll do!
Katherine: I feel just like Debbie Reynolds after that dance! That was so glamorous! LOVED it!
Justin: I'm glad we REALLY impressed Natalie. God. She's a freak! Haha.
Jesse: I don't know if Valerie needs to be such a downer towards me. Just watch me and enjoy it. Ha.

Skybox Interviews

Jennifer: So, this week, we have Joan, Bill, Justin, and Elizabeth here. Now, Joan, just what exactly was your inspiration for your wild Samba on wednesday?
Joan: I just know that America'd have to be crazy to keep me going, so I told Corky to come up with the most erotic thing he could think of and what we all got was an energetic romp for this old bag of bones.
Jennifer: Haha! It was a lot better than you think! Bill, we recently found out that Natalie pegged you as one of her Top 3 Finalists. Any reactions?
Bill: Goodness gracious! Haha. I'm a longshot for the finals... That's a long ways away and a lot of eliminations to steer clear of. I would love to make it, though! It's up to the audience.
Jennifer: Trust me, I know! Haha. Now, Justin, after both weeks, you ended in first place on the total leaderboard from the judges. Do you believe this is how you're going to continue?
Justin: You know, I really hope so! It's the judges' opinions, and I completely get it. If they don't like my dancing, it's completely OK!
Jennifer: I like the way you're looking at that. And finally, Elizabeth. Liz, following in fellow Nickelodeon star, Kendall Schmidt's footsteps, do you think you can do as well as he did?
Elizabeth: I absolutely hope so. I am a determined person. If I want something, I give 110% of my abilities to make sure I get it. Trust me, I want that trophy!
Jennifer: With more dances like your Tango, it could be yours easily! Thanks you guys!


Brittany: We have 2 big announcements for the season: First off, we are having our third annual Guest Judging contest return!
Jennifer: And, of course, in a new and fun challenge. This season, we are going to challenge you all to guess next season's celebrities with a WORD SCRAMBLE! You must unscramble the stars name, given the clue provided, to earn your Guest Judging position!
Brittany: You, as always, must guess all 18 correctly or you will be asked to try again before setting up your appearance date.

Brittany: IT ISN'T!
Jennifer: Our cast for Season 7 has two vacant positions for celebrities in it.
Brittany: Yes, and to fill one of them, we will be offering one lucky fan the experience of a lifetime! This lucky viewer will get the opportunity to become a CELEBRITY CONTESTANT, like me and Jennifer were, on the upcoming season of the DWTSGame!
Jennifer: We are offering an ultimate quiz, full of 50 DWTSGame-related questions to determine who this lucky viewer should be. Please, try out both of these contests to become even more involved with the DWTSGame than ever before! We'll have links posted later!

Post-Elimination Interviews

Jennifer: Alright, everyone, All of you come on down here!
Brittany: Deion, Conan, Linda, Joan, we're sorry that you were all eliminated. We wished you had all gotten further! Guys, what will you take away from the DWTSGame?
Deion: I'm going to take away a lovely dancing experience with a nice young cheerleader. She was a great pro. Please keep her on with you guys!
Conan: Same with Lauren! It's a shame I couldn't get her farther. But it was seriously a blast and thanks for inviting me to do this!
Linda: I'm a little bummed I let Alec down! Aside from that, this has been a seriously enjoyable ride. Like Conan said, thanks for asking me to be a part. It was a fun honor!
Joan: I'm glad I made everyone happy with my half-assed dances. If I were about 100 years younger, I'm sure I would've been better. But I'm not, so I guess if you can't beat them, make them laugh!
Jennifer: Great answers, you guys! Again, sorry you won't be going farther!
Brittany: Well audience, join us next week when our stars will be dancing to songs with the word LOVE in the title. See you then and thanks for watching!
Jennifer: Good night!

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