Brittany Brannon (voiceover): On Wednesday… Love was in the air as all of our contestants danced to songs with the word 'love' in the title! We saw a few slip ups, a few surprises, and two dances that one judge deemed perfect, with the help of 10 paddles. 

Jennifer Aniston (voiceover): Tonight, we're about to take away the love as another man and woman will be sent home. Who will they be? Find out! Live! This is Dancing with the Stars!


Jodie: Thank ya. Thank ya very much! Haha!
Christina: Yahoo! Amazing! Great job, Jon!
P!nk: Great week! Hope we can keep up our momentum!
Morgan: I feel like all of these 8's I'm getting are unneccessary... but I like 'em! Haha.
Elizabeth: Aww! We were so close to first place! Maybe next week!
Matthew: This week was honestly amazing! I hope everyone pulls us through! Thanks, you guys!
Kelly: Wow, a 10! I wasn't even expecting that!
Patrick: It's ok, Elena! I'll seduce you better next week.
Jeff: Well, two 7's and a 5. That's an improvement, take it or leave it! Haha!
Jordin: This week was a lot of fun. I feel so sexy this week! Woo!
Bill: I'll admit, I really had fun with that! I really hope I get to dance some more!
Katherine: Maks, you really have a knack for these Jives! What an honor to dance one with you! Haha.
Justin: Well guys, you know what to do. VOTE!
Jesse: Those are the scores we actually wanted from Week 1. Haha.

Skybox Interviews

Jennifer: So, this week, we have Morgan, Christina, Matthew, and Jordin here. Now, Morgan, how did you feel after your Viennese Waltz on Wednesdays?
Morgan: It felt nice getting some good comments again. I felt like it was a nice comeback from Week 2's disaster. I'm glad.
Jennifer: We're proud of you, Morgan! Christina, how did you react to landing in first place this week?
Christina: Oh, it was seriously a huge surprise. I just wanted decent scores, I didn't expect anything THAT good. Haha! But still, it's such an honor to obtain such a high position on the leaderboard. I'm honored!
Jennifer: Modest, Christy! Modest. Haha! Now, Matthew, tell us. What will you be looking forward to for Partner Ditch Week?
Matthew: Honestly, I'm just looking forward to the opportunity to get to work with everyone else next week! To me, it'll be like one big field trip. Everyone's working together. Next week'll be great!
Jennifer: I seriously wish I had gotten to do one of those partner ditch dances! And finally, Jordin, we sadly lost Whitney Houston yesterday, whom we know that you luckily enough got to work with for your new film. How has this all affected you?
Jordin: It's just devastating. Whitney was just an American icon. I can't believe we won't get to be in her presence or get to hear her amazing voice anymore. When I heard the news yesterday, I was completely and utterly gutted. It truly is one of the worst losses to the music industry ever.
Jennifer: I'm sure we're all so sorry for her loss! Thanks, you guys!


Brittany: We have 2 big announcements for the season: First off, we are having our third annual Guest Judging contest return!
Jennifer: And, of course, in a new and fun challenge. This season, we are going to challenge you all to guess next season's celebrities with a WORD SCRAMBLE! You must unscramble the stars name, given the clue provided, to earn your Guest Judging position!
Brittany: You, as always, must guess all 18 correctly or you will be asked to try again before setting up your appearance date.

Brittany: IT ISN'T!
Jennifer: Our cast for Season 7 has two vacant positions for celebrities in it.
Brittany: Yes, and to fill one of them, we will be offering one lucky fan the experience of a lifetime! This lucky viewer will get the opportunity to become a CELEBRITY CONTESTANT, like me and Jennifer were, on the upcoming season of the DWTSGame!
Jennifer: We are offering an ultimate quiz, full of 50 DWTSGame-related questions to determine who this lucky viewer should be. Please, try out both of these contests to become even more involved with the DWTSGame than ever before! We'll have links posted later!

Post-Elimination Interviews

Jennifer: Jordin, Patrick, come on down guys!
Brittany: Guys, we honestly wanted you to go a lot farther, honestly! So sorry! Guys, what will you take away from the DWTSGame?
Patrick: It was a really fun experience, and I'm glad I was offered to try it! Getting to work with Kendra for the past month has been very entertaining and I'm sorry I couldn't get her farther!
Jordin: It does suck to have to go home, but this was seriously one of my most favorite experiences ever! I got to meet bunches of people, wear amazing clothes, do awesome dances. Thank you, guys, for inviting me!
Jennifer: You're welcome, you guys! Again, sorry you won't be going farther!
Brittany: Well audience, join us next week when our stars will be dancing with each other for a Partner Ditch dance ,to be judged by a celebrity guest judge, and two fun group dances you won't wanna miss. See you then and thanks for watching!
Jennifer: Good night!

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