Week 5 Results - DWTSGame Season 6
Brittany Brannon (voiceover): On Wednesday… Our celebrity couples from Partner Ditch week broke up to compete against each other! This resulted in a few minor slip ups, a couple of improvements, and two perfect performances that receieved the first 30's of the season! 

Jennifer Aniston (voiceover): Tonight, we find out what has happened to our stars after your votes were added to their scores! Will we see some of our most entertaining couples go home or will we see more surprise eliminations? Find out! Live! This is Dancing with the Stars!


Jodie: Funky is not the word I would've ever imagined one of my dances to be called! Haha.
Christina: That was so NOT the song I would've ever imagined doing this dance to! How empowering!
P!nk: OH MY GOD! The first 30 of the season! Thanks to everyone. This is such an amazing honor! WOW!
Morgan: Boy, these dances nearly killed me tonight! Phew!
Elizabeth: Man, Valerie really doesn't seem to want to be on our side. She needs to let up or something! The other guys liked us, at least.
Matthew: Haha! Wow... Just wow! Thank you everyone so much! To get one of the first perfect scores of the season is such an honor! Thanks again!
Kelly: What a great week! I hope we're on a roll!
Bill: We may have come in last place, but you guys at home seem to surprise us each week, so, we'll see! Haha.
Katherine: From a She Wolf, to a Goth Demon, I am really getting into character on this show! What will I be next week? A Baywatch lifeguard? Haha!
Jesse: I really enjoyed this little "Nerdy Rumba" you put together, Kym! Let's do another next week!

Skybox Interviews

Jennifer: So, this week, we have our highest and lowest scoring celebrities here to talk to us about their weeks. Let's start with Bill about his week. Bill, do you think the judges will ever let up on your dancing, according to your futuristic Paso Doble?
Bill: Well, it certainly puts a damper on my journey, but I'm here to have fun and to learn how to dance. If the judges don't particularly like the dances, I don't really mind. It's alright with me! Haha.
Jennifer: Very well spoken, Mr. Clinton! And now, Matthew, do you think that you deserved your perfect score from Wednesday? Why or why not?
Matthew: Ah, you know, if it were up to me, everyone would be getting perfect scores for effort. It's really a tremendous honor to get a perfect score from the judges, I feel like everyone deserves one!
Jennifer: Gosh, you're both great talkers! Haha! Thanks, you guys!


Brittany: We have 2 big announcements for the season: First off, we are having our third annual Guest Judging contest return!
Jennifer: And, of course, in a new and fun challenge. This season, we are going to challenge you all to guess next season's celebrities with a WORD SCRAMBLE! You must unscramble the stars name, given the clue provided, to earn your Guest Judging position!
Brittany: You, as always, must guess all 18 correctly or you will be asked to try again before setting up your appearance date.

Brittany: IT ISN'T!
Jennifer: Our cast for Season 7 has two vacant positions for celebrities in it.
Brittany: Yes, and to fill one of them, we will be offering one lucky fan the experience of a lifetime! This lucky viewer will get the opportunity to become a CELEBRITY CONTESTANT, like me and Jennifer were, on the upcoming season of the DWTSGame!
Jennifer: We are offering an ultimate quiz, full of 50 DWTSGame-related questions to determine who this lucky viewer should be. Please, try out both of these contests to become even more involved with the DWTSGame than ever before! We'll have links posted later!
Brittany: You better hurry, I hear the contest will be ending within 2 or so 3 weeks, so please try out!

Post-Elimination Interviews

Jennifer: I can't believe it! This is so sad! Jesse, Kelly, come on down!
Brittany: This is, like, the fourth week in a row that we're sending home some great dancers! It's much to soon for either of you to go! Guys, what will you take away from the DWTSGame?
Jesse: This has just been an awesome experience. I'll admit, I suck at dancing, but to get to come here and put on a show for the past five weeks has been so much fun. Thank you!
Kelly: What Jesse said! This experience has been amazing and I couldn't ask for it any other way!
Jennifer: Well, guys, we're really gonna miss both of you!
Brittany: Audience, join us next week when our stars will each pay tribute to the late Whitney Houston by dancing to a song by her! It promises to be the best theme week ever! Make sure to watch! See you then and thanks for watching!
Jennifer: Good night!

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