Brittany Brannon (voiceover): On Wednesday… Our final six couples all danced twice in front of our judges for two sets of scores! We saw slip-ups, leaderboard toppers slip to the bottom, and a fan favorite score a perfect 60! 

Jennifer Aniston (voiceover): Tonight, we find out who stays and who goes after your votes have been counted! Will we be in for a shock elimination? Live! This is Dancing with the Stars!


Christina: God, after that dance, I really do feel like the African Queen! haha
P!nk: Oh my gosh! I never thought in a million years that I could pull off something like a perfect 60! Amazing! I can't believe it! 
Elizabeth: All we can do is hope for the best on Sunday.
Matthew: That Paso was the perfect comeback from our Quickstep earlier! I had so much fun!
Bill: Yikes! A four! Hope we can pull through again!
Katherine: Always a 29, never a 30! haha! But seriously, I'd love to get a 30 soon!


Brittany: Right now, we want to have our current contestants analyzed by the best critics we could find.
Jennifer: But since they weren't available, we have Richard Petty, Daunte Culpepper, and former head judge Len Goodman here to do the job!
Brittany: Welcome them here with our third edition of DanceCenter!

VT starts with Richard, Daunte, and Len sitting around a judge's table with the DanceCenter logo.

Richard Petty: Welcome to this, the third edition of DanceCenter! I'm NASCAR driver and Season 20 contestant, Richard Petty!
Daunte Culpepper: And I'm Season 45's third-placer and NFL Quarterback, Daunte Culpepper.
Len: And I'm Len Goodman, the former head judge!
Daunte: Wow, Len. Season after season, you seize to amaze us with how boring your intros are!
Len: Respect me, son! I'm an elder citizen!

Daunte: Nice, comeback, Len! Our first contestant is a vixen and a vision of excitement, someone you wouldn't expect to be the star of a Nickelodeon TV show! We're talking about actress Elizabeth Gillies! Liz has been surprising us week after week with how average she's been doing! I mean, she does well sometimes, but other times it's just the same! What gives?
Richard: I think it's just the judges getting back at her for being so mean to Victoria Justice on Victorious! Seriously, she's not very nice to her!
Len: Um... I actually agree with the judges! Liz can be amazing when she gives it an extra effort, but the rest of the time, it's the same, average, routine. She needs to step it up if she wants that trophy!

Daunte: Well, at least everyone can agree sometimes! Next up, we have the main man of the biggest television musical ever! It's Matthew Morrison. This dude has got it going. He's been doing well all season, and has only slipped up once with his Quickstep this week!
Richard: I really think he's got an unfair advantage, given his experience on Glee! And don't you find it funny that his partner's name is Hope? Those two words are practically synonyms!
Len: But her name is Joy...
Richard: REALLY?!?! Even better! 
Len: There's no 'hope' for you two! Now, what sets Matthew apart from the rest is his heightened sense of technique and musicality. It really makes up for what others lack. He is very entertaining.

Daunte: Sure, Len. Sure. Next up is this season's fan favorite, Alecia Moore, A.K.A. Purple! She is an amazing dancer, but I don't understand why her hair isn't purple! Isn't that why she calls herself Purple? I'm confused!
Richard: I wanna know, too! If she had purple hair, I'd totally be voting for her!
Len: First off, her name is PINK, or P!NK with an exclamation point. Second off, what does hair color have to do with who gets your votes?
Richard: Len, you're telling me you wouldn't vote for P!nk if she had purple hair?
Len: Wha? Gah.... This is the most stressful job ever! Bloody hell!

Daunte: You're welcome, Len! This is your one night back all season. We have to give you the show of a lifetime! Anyways, next up is the most inspiring contestant of the season! She is cancer-surviving medical doctor, Izzie Stevens!
Richard: Can I just say, she inspires me every week! Watching her dance is just an inspiration! I love it. And she is actually an amazing dancer! I hope she earns a 30 soon!
Len: I can't believe the stupidity in this room right now! She PLAYED Izzie Stevens on Grey's Anatomy! She is Katherine Heigl! And what Katherine lacks this season is full committment to her dances. Sure, she dresses up and channels characters, but she also needs to channel the characters of her dances, not just Rihanna or a She-Wolf. C'mon Katherine! Show me a raunchy seductress! Grr!

Daunte: Wow, Len! Let that little devil out! Growl! Next up is an actual cancer-survivor and a sitcom goddess! She is Christina Applegate, who I must say, is doing awesome this season! I can't believe she did a Shrek themed Jive and got a perfect score! Kudos to her!
Richard: Kudos, indeed! She is seriously one awesome girl. I've seen her shows, and from the characters she plays, you'd never expect her to be such a great dancer, but she is!
Len: I think Christina this season has been the full package! She's spunky, sassy, sweet, and sophisticated! I hope to see her in the finals!

Daunte: Alright! And the last contestant we have is former US President, and this season's favorite to come in last place, Bill Clinton! Now, I say that everyone predicted him to come in last, but here he is, potentially heading to the quarter-finals! It's amazing!
Richard: It's funny! He is doing as well as I did, but this is a very different result with him! He's like this season's Betty White!
Len: Well, sadly, I can't really say there is much hope for improvement for Bill, but who ever said that was a bad thing? I sincerely enjoy watching him come back week after week and continuing to amaze us with how bad he is! I wish him the best!
Daunte: Len, you're such a nice judge! And so, there you are. All 6 of the stars, personally analyzed by us professionals. Who will win it? Who knows? Who cares? Find out! The answer may be shocking! Back to you guys!

Skybox Interviews

Jennifer: So, this week, we have some of our highest and lowest scoring celebrities here to talk to us about their weeks. Let's start with Matthew about his week. Matthew, do you feel that your sort of 'Rise and Fall' score-wise this week affected your vote total?
Matthew: Um, I hope not! Haha! I just think that I sort of messed up with my Quickstep. It wasn't Joy's fault at all. I take full responsibility. I screwed up! Haha! I'm just glad that that Paso really saved our butts! 
Jennifer: You know, I'm sure every teenage girl in America feels exactly the same way! Haha! And now we go to P!nk. P!nk, what did it feel like to actually earn a perfect 60? I know that only one person before you has been able to do that!
P!nk: WHAT?!?! Really? Oh my god! It was such an honor to even get one perfect score, but to get TWO of them! It's overwhelming! Again, it's an amazing honor!
Jennifer: You deserve it, P!nk! Thanks, you guys!


Brittany: Alright everyone! Time for announcements. We are excited to tell you that next week we will FINALLY be announcing the cast of Season 7! We seriously can't wait for you to find out who the stars are!
Jennifer: This cast will include tons of actors, actresses, singer, worldfamous directors, the winner of our Become a Contestant contest, AND a star who is returning for their second chance at the game!
Brittany: During this, we also have tons of big changes to Season 7 which we will be unveiling! You won't wanna miss next week!

Post-Elimination Interviews

Jennifer: Aww, Liz and Neil, come and join us down here!
Brittany: Elizabeth, what has this experience been like for you?
Elizabeth: This game really has been a ton of fun! I loved getting to meet Morgan, Bill, Jodie, Matthew, P!nk, Joan... EVERYONE! This cast was so awesome, I'm so glad I got to meet all of those awesome people!
Jennifer: And Neil, what would you like to say to Liz?
Neil: I guess I just have to say that Liz has made this season so much fun for me! She gave each dance 110% and I couldn't ask for more! She was a great partner, thanks casting department!
Brittany: I'm sure they say 'you're welcome'! Haha! We're gonna miss you guys a lot! Audience, join us next week when our stars will each be dancing twice, but for their latin dance, they will only have 45 minutes to prepare! Yes, that's right! It's Instant Choreography week next week! Make sure to tune in! See you then!
Jennifer: Good night and thanks for watching!

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