Week 4 Results - DWTSGame Season 6
Brittany Brannon (voiceover): On Wednesday… Eight former celebrities came back to guest judge as our remaining contestants paired off to dance either a Paso Doble or Argentine Tango and one of two team dances. By the end, we saw a ton of major leaderboard shockers, including the surprise breakthrough of P!nk! 

Jennifer Aniston (voiceover): Tonight, we hold a special tribute to the late singer, Whitney Houston, and also eliminate two more couples. Which two will they be? Find out! Live! This is Dancing with the Stars!


Jodie: Wow! What an honor to get to dance with a former president for the night!
Christina: I felt awkward as my dress got skimpier and skimpier. Haha!
P!nk: This week's been amazing! I wish I could dance with Justin every week!
Morgan: I'm just glad I didn't have to put that golden junk in my hair. Hah! Elizabeth: WOW! A 10 from a former finalist! That could mean good things later.
Matthew: For some reason I feel like I've been dancing with Katherine for my whole life! Haha.
Kelly: I want to be a Bond girl now! Whoohoo!
Jeff: I'm just glad my shirt didn't unbutton during that dance. Haha!
Bill: It was an honor to get to work with Ms. Jodie Foster. I may have been President, but she's won two Oscars! I couldn't do that in a million years! Haha.
Katherine: No way would I have ever imagined becoming a She Wolf for one of my dances. I think all of that sexiness should wait for the Rumba! Haha.
Justin: Great week! I hope you guys can pull me and Karina through!
Jesse: I hope Daunte wasn't biased because I was dancing with Kym... Ah, oh well!

Skybox Interviews

Jennifer: So, this week, we have Jodie, Bill, P!nk, and Justin here. Now, Jodie, can you tell us more details on what it was like working with Bill Clinton this week?
Jodie: It was great. I know they could've given me anyone else, but I felt honored that they let me dance with Bill of all people! I mean, he's a former President. Who wouldn't want to dance with him?
Jennifer: No body would say no to dancing with him, Jodie! Haha! Bill, do you think the judges undermarked you and Jodie this week?
Bill: I just feel that we didn't get as high a score as deserved for the job we did. It was hard work having to dance with all of those lifts, and to get a 5 for it is a bit disappointing. I hope Jodie and I will be around next week to try and separately improve our scores!
Jennifer: We hope so too! Now, P!nk, do you think you and Justin had an unfair advantage over everyone else, given your singer backgrounds?
P!nk: Actually, I don't think so. I mean, Katy & Matt were both actors and they did great. I think it depended on the choreography, really!
Jennifer: Alright! And finally, Justin, do you think that P!nk may have helped your journey to the finals even more? Why or why not?
Justin: Oh, definitely! It was so much fun working with her. She's so spunky and we got along great. I'd love to do more dances with her if I could! Haha.
Jennifer: Well, you both did great! Congrats! Thanks, you guys!


Brittany: We have 2 big announcements for the season: First off, we are having our third annual Guest Judging contest return!
Jennifer: And, of course, in a new and fun challenge. This season, we are going to challenge you all to guess next season's celebrities with a WORD SCRAMBLE! You must unscramble the stars name, given the clue provided, to earn your Guest Judging position!
Brittany: You, as always, must guess all 18 correctly or you will be asked to try again before setting up your appearance date.

Brittany: IT ISN'T!
Jennifer: Our cast for Season 7 has two vacant positions for celebrities in it.
Brittany: Yes, and to fill one of them, we will be offering one lucky fan the experience of a lifetime! This lucky viewer will get the opportunity to become a CELEBRITY CONTESTANT, like me and Jennifer were, on the upcoming season of the DWTSGame!
Jennifer: We are offering an ultimate quiz, full of 50 DWTSGame-related questions to determine who this lucky viewer should be. Please, try out both of these contests to become even more involved with the DWTSGame than ever before! We'll have links posted later!
Brittany: You better hurry, I hear the contest will be ending withing 2-3

Post-Elimination Interviews

Jennifer: Wow! I can't believe it! Jeff, Justin, come on down!
Brittany: It's sad to see Jeff go, but JUSTIN is leaving? HOW?!?! Ugh! Guys, what will you take away from the DWTSGame?
Justin: I'll take away a wonderful experience with P!nk and Karina, and everyone else I got to meet on this show. Of course I would've loved to make it farther, but I guess all that I can say is: "Vote! Don't assume someone's safe, because then something like this happens." It happens a lot, thinking back! Haha.
Jeff: I'm surprised I made it even half as far as I did! I'm sorry that I sort of took Christina down with me, but I'm glad she's not down here where I am. Good luck, Christy!
Jennifer: Well, guys, we're really gonna miss both of you!
Brittany: Audience, join us next week when our stars will dance any style they haven't yet done, along with a special Lindy Hop marathon, all being scored by a special Guest Judge contest winner from last season! See you then and thanks for watching!
Jennifer: Good night!

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